Do you know how excited we are over here at Camp Iced Ink?

Yeah. We’re this excited.

No? Seriously?

On a scale from 1 to 7, 1 being “eeeeh, what’s on TV?” and 7 being spontaneous combustion, we’re somewhere around 700. Oxheart is happening in Brooklyn this weekend. What’s Oxheart? It’s incredible art by incredible artists, live bands, aerialists, people who do cool shit with fire… all under one roof.

We’re playing both nights and releasing our new compact disque entitiled Music To Vacuum To. It will be available on the internets soon enough but if you’re one who likes to gloat about being the first one to have something way back before everybody else had it, pry yourself away from your iPhone 5 long enough to come to Oxheart and grab a copy. If you haven’t heard the McNugget from said CD that was posted online earlier this week here’s your chance:


Mmm. Soothing.

So yeah, come on out to Oxheart. You get $3 off admission if you RSVP in advance at That’s $3 you can put toward Music To Vacuum To. Here is every possible link you need in order to find out more/get to this Oxheart thing. We’ll hopefully see you there.

Friday Oxtober 5 & Splatterday Oxtober 6th
doors @ 8PM
Brooklyn Lyceum
227 4th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215

DISCOUNT RSVP via Oxheart website =

FACEBOOK EVENTS for both nights (feel free to invite you and your friends) =

Map to Brooklyn Lyceum:

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