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31 07, 2012

Praesent Et Urna Turpis


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Praesent Et Urna Turpis2012-07-31T17:26:20+00:00
30 07, 2012

Woah, that chick’s trapeze is on fire – call 911!


Just kidding. No need to dial 911 here. That picture to the left is Iced Ink fan and inventor of the fire trapeze Erinina. That's her doing her thang while we were doing our thang at an OXHEART event back in June (more photos from that event can be observed here). Pretty sweet, huh? Well [...]

Woah, that chick’s trapeze is on fire – call 911!2012-07-30T20:37:38+00:00
12 07, 2012

Mark your calendars for July 23!


It's Iced Ink guitar player MICYCLE'S birthday. Some people think cake and ice cream make birthdays fun but there's something better: an Iced Ink show at the Trash Bar! OPEN BAR (PBR & WELL DRINKS) FROM 8-9 WITH $7 ADMISSION What was that awesome line of text again? OPEN BAR (PBR & WELL DRINKS) FROM [...]

Mark your calendars for July 23!2012-07-12T23:23:46+00:00
9 06, 2012

Iced Ink vs. OXHEART


Hey, guess what we have the honor of playing at this Friday June 15th and Saturday June 16th? If you said OXHEART you are correct. And you probably already know what it's all about. And if you're awesome, you're also going. If you DIDN'T say OXHEART... head on over to http://www.oxheart.net to see what all [...]

Iced Ink vs. OXHEART2012-06-09T19:49:33+00:00
31 05, 2012

June = Giggy Galore


Holy giggs, Bat Man! We didn't have any shows in May due to recording studio obligations but we're more than making up for it in June. We're playing not 1.. not 2.. but THREE shows in June: June 8th at Alphabet Lounge and June 15 and 16 at a crazy-awesome sounding event in Brooklyn called [...]

June = Giggy Galore2012-05-31T20:14:30+00:00
28 05, 2012

We went, we moved air, we recorded


Iced Ink spent roughly 16 fun-filled hours in the recording studio this past Splatterday and Sunday! We went in expecting to get 3 tunes done and OOPS - things took an unexpected turn and we ended up with a whole lot more than that. Plus-sized big ups to Oliver, Justin and Josh at Mama Coco's [...]

We went, we moved air, we recorded2012-05-28T13:57:21+00:00
28 04, 2012

The Rock Shop truly Rocked


  We had a most excellent time sharing the stage with Happy Lives and The Hecklers. The show featured the super long-awaited debut of new Iced Ink member NAVIN the movie projector playing a delightful salad of weird old clips behind us as we made live rock. Images are available on the LOOK page - [...]

The Rock Shop truly Rocked2012-04-29T20:18:24+00:00
24 03, 2012

"Rock" Shop it is called, so ROCK we shall


Many thanks to those who ventured out for our St. Patty's Day show last week. Good times were had! Our next stop is right smack dab in Iced Ink's very own Park Slope neighborhood at an exquisite little venue called The Rock Shop on Saturday April 21st. Here's the ingredients to the sandwich that is [...]

"Rock" Shop it is called, so ROCK we shall2012-03-24T16:13:33+00:00
10 03, 2012

Common ite an' git yer pint on wid us on Seent Patty's Deegh!


It's that time of the month again...  as in: TIME TO GET YOUR INK (and drink) ON! We're playing Fontana's in Manhattan's Lower East Side on Saturday March 17th. We play at 8. Don't be one of those poop heads that stays home on St. Patty's Day. Come out and join in on the fun! [...]

Common ite an' git yer pint on wid us on Seent Patty's Deegh!2012-03-10T12:33:12+00:00
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