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Inktember is upon us - ICED INK dot com

Inktember is upon us

Fall is near!

Iced Ink has got not one… not two.. but THREE shows in September. And who knows… there may be more! We’re kicking things off at Otto’s Shrunken Head in Manhattan on September 5th and will keep going from there. For more info peep the Giggs page ASAFP.

In other gnus the tracks we cut over Memorial Day Weekend at Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen are in the final rounds of mixing. Sonic i’s are being dotted and t’s are being crossed.  The tunes are sounding great. You’ll be the first to know as soon as things are wrapped up and a release date is established. Be sure to sign up on ye olde mailing list for exclusive infrequent up-to-the-minute news on giggs, the new album, and all other Ink-related shenanigans.