We here at Iced Ink Headquarters are proud to announce that the band is a real band again, not just some guy sitting at his computer recording with himself. WOO HOO

We’ve got Ethan Meyer on drums and Gregg Mitchell on bass, y’all! Things are sounding face meltingly good. If you live in the New York City area you are strongly encouraged to find January 28th on your 2012 calendar and write GOING TO SEE THE ICED INK COMEBACK SPECIAL AT GREENPOINT GALLERY on it in Sharpie.

Feel free to head over to the contact page and sign up on the Iced Ink mailing list if you’d like to receive updates/sporadic gig reminders. On that note, there’s this little social networking website that’s slowly gaining popularity called Facebook. We’re on it so if you happen to be as well feel free to hit us up and say hi over there: http://facebook.com/icedink