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Get the "Willie Nelson Prince" EP and sticker book today! - ICED INK dot com

Get the “Willie Nelson Prince” EP and sticker book today!

Look, look, a sticker book.

Look, look, a sticker book.

At last, the Willie Nelson Prince EP is here! Head on over to http://icedink.bandcamp.com to download it and grab a limited edition Willie Nelson Prince sticker book while you’re there!

On that note, should you happen to be reading this prior to December 18 2015 and are in the New York City area head on out to Black Bear Bar on Friday 12/18 for our next show where you can not only rock out, but get a sticker book directly from us – they’re super cool and are guaranteed to bring you seconds, if not minutes, of mind-blowing entertainment. Here’s the Facebook invite with all of the exciting info.