Mike Krenner
Mike KrennerGuitar
Gregg Mitchell
Gregg MitchellBass
Ethan Meyer
Ethan MeyerDrums


Iced Ink is an instru-mental guitar/bass/drums trio out of Brooklyn, New York whose music is a pop culture stream of conscience neatly crammed into unique 4 minute long music meatballs for your ears.

Our Music is thoughtfully composed and succinctly arranged allowing each performance to be free and in the moment.

Iced Ink has played over 100 shows in New York since debuting in January 2012.


July 1998

The Birth of ICED INK (St Paul, MN)

Suffering from severe M.A.D.D. (not the moms/drunk driving one but the Musical Attention Defecit Disorder one), guitarist Mike Krenner wanted to be in too many different styles of bands at once and decided that it would be most efficient to just cram all of his desired genres into one sole cohesive glob of sound. Equipped with a Boss DR-550 drum machine, Foxtex X-18 4 track, and a bunch of guitars, it was time to figure out how to glue together a ton of musical statements and genres that didn't traditionally go together and somehow make them flow and sound digestible.  The first round of Iced Ink tunes were soon born and the demos were posted on mp3.com to go fishing for other interested minds and ears.

July 2001

Iced Ink V1

Mike placed an ad on the back of City Pages looking for humans to play his music with him resulting in the very first Iced Ink lineup featuring VomitGod (Levi Peckham) on drums, Sara T. on percussion, and the almighty Joe Berkman on bass. They played their first gig the following February in 2002 to a nicely packed room at the Red Sea bar in Minneapolis.

July 2005

Iced Ink V2

In the spring of 2005 VomitGod and Scara moved out East. Avid Ink supporter Doug Kasper introduced kickass drummer Barry Knudson to Joe and Mike and the next lineup was born.

July 2010

Iced Ink V3 (Hello NYC!)

In 2009 Mike moved to Brooklyn NY and reformed the band with fellow Brooklyn residents Andrew Bergmann on bass and Josh Arenberg on drums.  The audience reception at their first gig spoke loud and clear that Iced Ink music was finally living in the right place. Soon after, Andrew moved to the Midwest and the Iced Ink plug was pulled by Mike for some much needed time off to acclimate to life in New York.

July 2011

Iced Ink V4 (current)

"It's time to get the band back together, man!" Mike was ready to rock and placed ads on Craigslist resulting in Ethan Meyer on drums and Gregg Mitchell on bass, the line-up that you know and love today. They have released 2 full-length albums and 2 not full-length albums, have well over 75 shows under their belts, and show no signs of stopping!