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The Birth of ICED INK (St Paul, MN) - ICED INK dot com

The Birth of ICED INK (St Paul, MN)

Suffering from severe M.A.D.D. (not the moms/drunk driving one but the Musical Attention Defecit Disorder one), guitarist Mike Krenner wanted to be in too many different styles of bands at once and decided that it would be most efficient to just cram all of his desired genres into one sole cohesive glob of sound. Equipped with a Boss DR-550 drum machine, Foxtex X-18 4 track, and a bunch of guitars, it was time to figure out how to glue together a ton of musical statements and genres that didn’t traditionally go together and somehow make them flow and sound digestible.  The first round of Iced Ink tunes were soon born and the demos were posted on mp3.com to go fishing for other interested minds and ears.